Revelation Bible study

Starting this week, Wednesday August 19th from 6:30-8pm in the chapel, we will begin our study of going through the Book of Revelation.  Everyone who comes out will experience a great time in bible study, fellowship, and prayer (not to mention snacks 🙂).  I have attached a list of questions to help stir your thinking as we cover this all important subject.  Come out and join us as we begin this study, this coming Wednesday night at 6:30!  Ed.

What You Should Know

1.  What does ‘Revelation’ mean?

2.  What are the Beatitudes in Revelation?  (there are 7).

3.  What signs indicated the End Times are near?

4.  As Christians, how should we prepare for the approaching End Times?

5.  What is the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming?

6.  What events will take place in heaven after the Rapture?

7.  What signs will warn of the approaching Tribulation period?

8.  What will happen in heaven during the Tribulation?

9.  Will Christians escape the Tribulation?

10.  The entire world will hear the Gospel before Christ returns.  Jesus could come at any time too.  How can both of these statements be true?

11.  Will people be saved during the Tribulation?

12.  If someone becomes a Christian during the Tribulation, what will happen to them when they die?

13.  Is it true that it will be impossible for someone to kill themselves during the tribulation?

14.  Who are the Two Witnesses that will preach the gospel during the Tribulation?

15.  When will these witnesses appear?

16.  If Satan was defeated at the Cross, why does he appear to be winning?

17.  What is the “unholy trinity”?

18.  What is the mark of the beast?

19.  What will happen to those who refuse the mark?

20.  Who is the False Prophet?

21.  What is the significance of the 144,000 Israelites mentioned in Revelation?

22.  What does the bible mean by 144,000 virgins?

23.  Will there be consequences on earth for those who worship the Beast?

24.  What is the purpose of Armageddon?

25.  What will Armageddon be like?

26.  Who will experience Armageddon?

27.  How will the earth be judged at the end of the Tribulation?

28.  What will the Second Coming be like?

29.  Who will come with Christ at the Second Coming?

30.  Revelation mentions the Supper of God and the Marriage Supper.  Which will I attend?

31.  Who will be the first to experience hell?

32.  Will Christians be at the Judgment Seat or the Great White Throne?

33.  When are the hopeless souls thrown into the Lake of fire?

34.  What is the meaning of the word “millennium”?

35.  Will Christ reign on earth a literal 1,000 years?

36.  What will the Millennium be like?

37.  What happens at the end of the Millennium?

38.  Where does Christ “fit in” in regards to the Millennium?

39.  How will all the Christians fit into one city—the New Jerusalem?

40.  What will we do in heaven?

41.  Can anything keep the unsaved dead from hell?

42.  As a Christian, why should I not fear death?

43.  How can I apply the truths of prophecy to my life?

44.  What kinds of rewards will believers receive in heaven?

45.  What is the ultimate goal of any rewards we may receive in heaven?

46.  Is the new earth the same earth we live on today?

47.  Will there be any seas in the new heaven and new earth?

48.  How should I live today in light of eternity?

49.  Are heaven and the New Jerusalem the same place?

50.  What are the benefits in knowing these and other questions now?