Retta Baptist & Covid Latest

Governor Abbott gave a press briefing on Monday to update all Texans on where things are regarding Covid.  As you may or may not know, Texas has seen a rise in reported cases throughout many areas that are reaching record levels that include the DFW area.  Now, I realize that a contributing factor for this is because there is more testing taking place which only makes sense on why we see more.  However, it still nonetheless reminds us that this virus is still out there and the thoughts that summer time heat might go a long way in suppressing this thing has not occurred.

This coming Sunday I will address this and the position that I feel that we, as a church, should remember as we reflect on what we are all facing and the importance of remembering that above loving the Lord with all our heart, mind, and soul, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  I believe we have a golden opportunity to show our community who we are and what we feel about them by the ways in which we conduct and portray ourselves.  Even in bad times, the church can stand out and shine brighter than anyone else.

Paul told the Philippian people in Philippians 2:4 “Do not look out for your own personal interests but for the interests of others.”  This is what God says to us today.  We can do this in many ways as God opens opportunities for us to do so.  For the time being and until we see a true reduction in the rise of this virus, I am asking that all members consider wearing a mask to do our part in not only spreading this virus (since often times a person can have this virus and not even know it) and to help others feel more at peace that those in whom they come into contact with are demonstrating safer measures as we deal with this.    

I do know that we have members who are not coming because this virus does pose an actual threat to their physical well-being.  I would like those members to see that the body as a whole has a sincere desire to do what we can to help them as well during this time.  And this is in no way a sacrifice on our part in going the extra mile either.  Millions of Christians throughout this world today risk their very lives by going to underground churches for worship with their church families, for fear of being found and experiencing the threat of jail or death.  And yet, they still go.  Doing what we can do to show unity and support to our brothers and sisters in the faith by wearing masks here, as we move around, pales in comparison to what others are sacrificing throughout the world when they go to church.  

This is not mandatory, but a request.  A request to remember Philippians 2:4 and Matthew 22:36-40.  I also understand that you may have strong personal opinions as to the things occurring as a result of this pandemic by our government as well.  Let me say, I would likely join in with you on this too, but I am looking at the bigger picture for the moment of living out what I profess to hold to regarding “loving others.”  I am simply asking you to reflect on this too; that’s all.

Abbott stated that in the next 6 days they will have to reevaluate the rules set in place and possibly go to extreme measures if things continue to climb.  We’ll see what happens, but for now, I am simply asking us to remember each other by demonstrating more of an effort in helping to contain the spread of this virus.  All public businesses do this already; we can too.   See you Sunday…Ed.