Student Ministry D-Now 2019

One of the most effective strategies that Satan uses in the life of believers today, is to get them to look inward and outward instead of upward. His desire is for us to place our value on our performance and on what others think. That deadly combination will inevitably lead to ruin.

When we understand who God is, and more importantly, who we are, it changes everything. Once a person becomes a believer, they take on a brand new identity. The Bible says we have been “bought with a price”. That price was the life Jesus gave for us when He died on that cross for our sins. The new “identity” that we now possess affects every single area of our lives. Most people will spend their time trying to discover what that is and what that means.

At this year’s D-Now, you will know what this means. Furthermore, you will discover just how valuable God sees you and the importance you play in His plans for your life. You are worth more than you could ever know or imagine. Don’t waste your life trying to be like everyone else. Find out what this means for you and see the doors open in your life in ways you have never imagined.

Throughout the weekend of D-Now, you will experience fun at Main Event, a house full of your peers, great leaders, great food, you’ll get the shirt, and experience fantastic bible studies. Also, you will hear from one of the funniest and one of the best communicators in the country. This will be a weekend that will change everything. Don’t miss out.

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Cost is $75 per student (brochure is incorrect)

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