Earlier today, Monday March 16, President Trump gave another briefing regarding COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus.  Upon further reflection and working alongside the recommendations from our local and national government, Retta Baptist has decided to cancel all services including our Sunday services until further notice.  

I believe God is doing something in our country.  I believe He is doing something across our planet.  The world is more attentive to the church and its message than it has been in a very long time.  For these reasons, we want you to know that you can join us from the comfort of your homes as we live stream our services on the churches website.  This Sunday, March 22, I am asking all Retta members to join us at the regular scheduled time of 10:45 am as we live stream our services.  Church is NOT cancelled.  It’s just changed, for the time being.  

I believe we can demonstrate to our community and to our city that we care and love them by helping in eradicating this virus and to give our members the peace of mind in the meantime.  What I am asking the whole church to do is to gather with the family and join us as we worship and hear what the Lord wants us to hear.  Please use this time, to tell others of the hope that we have in times such as this.  Please use this time to lead by example with your family and demonstrate the importance of participating as the body of Christ by coming together as we live stream.  And please use this time to tell others to consider joining us from their homes, on Sunday mornings, as we hold services.

The health of everyone who chooses to worship with us is our top priority.  Please remember to check back for further updates.  This will end!  Just imagine how great the day will be when we can all, assemble together, as one, at the church place called Retta Baptist Church!  Please help by getting the word out and remind people to go to our website for updates and information.  I’ll see you (figuratively speaking), on Sunday morning.  Ed.