Blackbaud Online Giving, Live Streaming, and More!

Hello Retta Baptist Church,

This is Joshua Geer, your loyal servant and friend. I am hoping that this email finds you safe and healthy. I have several things to discuss with all of you. First of all, I would like to transition to the Blackbaud online giving as soon as possible. Secure Give costs us considerably more, and I want to give you all the information you need to switch over. I have several ideas on how to accomplish this. First and foremost, I would like to make myself available to anyone who needs help in this area. I am setting up appointments in 15 minute increments to help anyone and everyone with online tithing. Please use my cell number 405 777-9604 to set up an appointment with me over the phone. When you call, you will need several things: debit card, credit card, or checkbook, access to the internet through a phone or computer and the link to online giving ( My plan is to put this link on our website by May 1st. This will give everyone two weeks to set an appointment. Then, Secure Give will be officially cancelled. If you are wanting to know about fees charged to the church, please click on this link ( Yes, it is cheaper to have it deducted from your checking account, but we completely understand if you need to use your credit card as well. For the mobile app, you must search Blackbaud and then choose the “mobile mission” app. That is our online giving app for all smart phones. Again, if you need help with the mobile app, please call me.

Several members have been asking about our live streaming services. We are going to be live streaming our services from here on out. You may access our worship service at 10:45 am through any of the following locations: 1) Retta Baptist Church Facebook page, 2) website, 3) YouTube- type Retta Baptist Church in the search bar. If you missed the service at 10:45 am, you may go back and review it at your convenience. I encourage everyone to check out the videos listed on our Facebook page as well. We are filming a comedy called The Church Office. There is one episode released each week. Also, we are going to be filming some theology 101 sessions to discuss key concepts and passages in the Bible. We would appreciate you watching, liking those videos, and re-posting those on your timeline. We want to get the Gospel out there, and we want to promote Retta Baptist Church.

Pray for our nation and the world during this time of quarantine. Pray for our President and our leaders. Pray for our church staff and its members. Pray for our first responders who are working diligently during this time. God is moving, and every day is another opportunity for us to share the saving power of Jesus with a lost and dying world. Here is the verse for today. John 16:33

In Christ,

Joshua Geer

Administrator of Retta Baptist Church